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24.03.2011 (1123 Days Ago)
TitleGano Vital
Posted 1120 days ago
How does Organic Ganoderma Work Reishi, or Ganoderma Lucidum, has been around for centuries. Worth its weight in gold, used only by emperors and other royals, this ‘Miracle Herb’ has been overlo...
Posted 1120 days ago
Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum Studies have found that regular consumption of Ganoderma Lucidum helps the body cleanse itself of accumulated toxins and excess lipids (fat). In addition to regulating t...
Posted 1115 days ago
Gano Vital 7 Day Health Test   Does the gVital Healthy Coffee really work? Take the “7 Day Health Test” and see for yourself, let Ganoderma, the No. 1 herb in Chinese medicine, that’s blen...
Posted 1115 days ago
gVital Herbal Cream A healthy skin is a beautiful skin The First Born of Gano Vital, made in Australia. Ganoderma Lucidum => Luminous Strong Skin (Gano = strong; Derma = skin; Lucidum = lumino...
Posted 1115 days ago
Ganoderma - King of Herbs The heavenly herb During the Han Dynasty, Emperor Han was so elated that he ordered his people to offer Lingzhi as an annual item of tribute. The Emperor was said to be fav...
Posted 1111 days ago
Reishi - Ganoderma Lucidum   Of all the Fu Zheng herbs, Ling Zhi or Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) is the most mysterious of all. Not only due to it's legendary qualities but also very much due...
Posted 1111 days ago
Balancing of the Body A major problem of health today which is rarely mentioned, by either the medical profession and the complementary health field, is that not enough importance was given to the p...
Posted 1111 days ago
Detoxification is Healing   Every human body is unique. Some may have been more exposed to toxins than others, in everyday-life situations (chemicals in food, water,pesticides, petroleum products, ...
From GanoVital
United States, Los Angeles
1100 Days Ago
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Gano Vital

Ganoderma Lucidum - Red Reishi Mushroom the herb many consider to be the most powerful in the world today and recognised as the number one herb in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

WELCOME to the world of GANO VITAL, the new and innovative Australian company given the task of promoting this amazing herb by maintaining the highest quality possible through the manufacture of its beverages, nutraceuticals and personal health care product range.


Why Natural & Organic products? Because the World Wide Medical Association 7 critical Priorities.


1: Cancer   2 Asthma  3: Diabetics

4: Heart Disease  5: Nerve Stess Disease  6: Injuries

7: Pandemic Virus Attacks

"Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food" Hippocrates

Gano Vital
_Gano Vital
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  •  DianeCleak wrote 1054 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hello, I am a regular customer of Gano Vital, which my husband is taking to help him in his advanced prostate cancer. There have been several scientific studies which have produced findings that have been very positive about the benefits of Gano Lucidum in cancer cases, and I have written a blog on them on this site. The Gano Vital products are of excellent quality. I am awaiting a Bronze Pack, and that is excellent value, as you also get free shipping, even if you are an international. It will be great to be able to taste the coffee :)
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  •  DanCooper wrote 1093 Days Ago (positive) 
    Congratulations to Eli & Galadriel, "iLocalDirect Marketing Team LLC" for their success with Gano Vitals Healthy Coffee tasting at Los Angeles Go Green Expo 2011.
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  •  Galadriel wrote 1107 Days Ago (neutral) 
    The GoGreen Expo is a fun-filled and informative event for people of all ages. There will be several exciting shows, speakers and activities during the event for lots of fun and informative entertainment about green and organic products. There will even be Yoga classes and Storytime for children in the KidZone.

    Panel Discussions & Speaker schedule:

    Friday, April 15 (B2B Day: CEOs, Procurement & Purchasing agents & Sustainability Executives and Press Only)
    12:30pm - KEYNOTE: Eric Corey Freed, The Organic Architect
    2:00pm - Eco-Entrepreneurial Panel
    3:30pm - Sustainable Investing

    Saturday, April 16 (Open to Everyone)
    11:00am - Cars: Go Electric & Go Green
    12:30pm - KEYNOTE: Ed Begley Jr.
    2:00pm - KEYNOTE: Captain Paul Watson
    3:30pm - Living the Green Life Panel
    5:00pm - Eco-Home Improvement Panel

    Sunday, April 17 (Open to Everyone)
    11am - Eco Pet panel
    12:30pm - Sustainability Education Panel - Best Practices for Student Engagement & Leadership 2:00pm - KEYNOTE: Mariel Hemingway with Bobby Williams
    3:30pm - Living the Green Life Panel

    Saturday, April 16 & Sunday April 17:
    2pm: Adult Classes
    3pm: Kids Classes
    4pm: Adult Classes

    Story Time by IAG Media - Saturday & Sunday at 1pm in the Kid Zone

    Speaker Link: peaker_directory.php?evid=33

    Eco Film Showcase: ilm-showcase.php

    Television Coverage: s/

    The GoGreen Expo will be located in the South Hall in Section G and iLocalTeam will be in booth #821

    Tickets and Information:

    Business to Business Buyers Only for Friday April 15th (B2B Day) - Free
    Adults - Weekend pass for Saturday & Sunday, April 16 & 17 - $15.00
    Active Military Personnel with ID - $10.00
    Students with a valid student ID - $10.00
    Children under the age of 12 - Free
    Senior citizens (65+) - Free
    For more information

    Special Note: Bring your old laptop, accept computer towers, cell phones, toner/inkjet cartridges or LCD screen for on-site recycling and enjoy free admission sponsored by GREENspotDROPoff
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  •  Galadriel wrote 1110 Days Ago (positive) 
    iLocalDirect Marketing Team LLC will be showcasing GanoVital at the prestigious LA Convention Center - April 15-17 for the GoGreen Expo.

    Go Green Expo’s mission is to stimulate sales & generate press awareness for organic & eco-friendly products & services. Go Green Expo’s platform enables your brand to reach tens of millions of impressions through strategic media alliances; KTLA Television, CBS Radio and the Los Angeles Times.

    10,000+ consumers, 300+ companies, 250+ Media Outlets are expected to be in attendance this year!

    Friday, April 15th - Business-to-Business Only
    Saturday and Sunday, April 16th - 17th - Business-to-Business and Business to Consumers
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  •  Karole wrote 1122 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Welcome everyone to the GVital group. I am so sold on gVital because it is literally giving me my life back. I have fibromyalgia; I take a very mild prescription drug for it, but I supplement with magnesium and gVital. Before I added gVital to my daily supplements, I was somewhat better pain wise, but I still had no real energy. With gVital, I am losing weight (over 25 pounds so far); I have energy and increasingly physically active. My renewed energy brings me a joy of living I had nearly lost through my illness. I recommend gVital to anyone and eveyrone.
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