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Florida is the ultimate adventure getaway for singles, couples, entire family and groups alike. The Florida Sunshine State offers a range of amusement park extravaganzas, wildlife sanctuaries, pristine beaches, and cruise ship island hopping escapades. Florida one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Unitied States.

Florida is full of heritage, it's history dates back thousands of years, long before any European settlements in North America. By the time the first European explorer landed in Florid, the Native American Apache were thriving long before the British or Europeans settled in Florida, the region changed hands from Spain to Britain, back to Spain then finally to the United States. Several wartorn forts and battlefields from the Civil War era and earlier can be found throughout the peninsula, including Dade Battlefield Historic State Park and Castillo de San Marcos (Fort Marion), a National Monument.

Once arriving in Florida, you’ll be ready to explore the extensive amusements park Florida has to offer. Disney World, near Orlando, is one of the most popular tourist attractions, only a short drive away from Canaveral National Seashore, home of the Kennedy Space Center. On the Florida Atlantic shore is Miami that boasts hundreds of historic  buildings and hotels along the famous avenues of South Beach. Just north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is the place to catch a cruise or flight into the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or Florida Keys.

Popular tourist and  leisure activities in Florida range from scuba diving, snorkeling, beaches, yachting, horseback riding to exploring  National Parks. The Everglades National Park is a stunning 1.5 million acre expanse of green wetlands, hundreds of endangered or rare species like the American crocodile, Florida Panther, bird and flamingo sanctuaries, along with both boating or land tours.

Dry Tortugas National Park, also a must to add the do & see list while in Florida, made up of a cluster of islands to the west of Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico. This national park is teeming with exotic wildlife, both above and below water, with fantastic legends of pirates, gold and jewels . Grab your scuba diving gear and underwater camera for some of the most spectacular underwater photography opportunities Florida has to offer.

Many travelers descend on Florida to experience fine seaside dining in the major cities like Miami and luxury resorts like Jupiter Island. Hotels and full-service resorts are generously scattered throughout the coastal regions, Orlando and Florida Keys, with bay side mansions that attract their own class of local sightseers and tourist alike.

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