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Leasing a van can be very beneficial when compared to buying as there are plenty of positives for a company that uses even a large fleet.

So if you are interested in leasing Ford Transit company vehicles then look through some of the benefits below from Yellow Hire, before you come to a conclusion.

1) Firstly, leasing can be easier on your wallet. A leasing company can save you a lot of cash and not just on leasing costs. If you rent then your company can also save a lot of money on maintenance and repairs, as leasing companies will take care of testing the van. This has the potential to save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, depending on the extent of your fleet.

2) Leasing can offer you a wide range of choices. Leasing companies can offer you a huge selection of Ford Transit vans with add-ons such as decent storage space and side doors and any other features that your company may need. As this includes a lot of the more popular commercial vans then you will certainly find the right Ford Transit van for your business.

3) You could choose to buy a brand new Ford Transit van. A van hire facility gives you the opportunity to drive a luxury vehicle, which otherwise you may not have been able to consider driving. When you hire a Ford Transit van, you are only paying for a part of it; hence you end up saving lots of money. This also means that you can create a good impression with your clients by hiring a stylish and expensive vehicle instead of a van that looks cheap and second hand.

4) Convenient payment options. Leasing companies have varied range of payment plans that can adapt to your company, making the whole process flexible and easy to manage. This enables you to take out a a van lease for a short or long leasing term and decide exactly how you want to pay. As well, monthly payments can be reduced further through a deferred purchase form of van leasing named lease purchase. Under lease purchase, your monthly bill is kept artificially low in return for the business agreeing to make a final 'balloon' payment at the conclusion of your lease period. This can save your company a lot of money.

5) Flexibility. If you lease then you can almost always change your van whenever you like, perhaps deciding to take out a small van for a year and then taking out a new Van Hire Manchester deal, perhaps from Yellow Hire, the following year. This is perfect if your company's needs are likely to change in the next year, perhaps if your company is on the verge of an expansion.

6) Leasing companies have a fantastic service team. Leasing companies have devoted service teams that can accommodate your specific requests, making sure you get the best type of service and ensuring that any problems are rectified immediately. This all means that if any problems do arise then you'll be in good hands.

Now that you know some of the benefits of leasing a commercial Ford Transit van all that is left to do is look around and see if you can find the right vehicle and hiring company for your particular needs.

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TitleAdvantages of leasing a Ford Transit commercial van instead of buying
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